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Brownfield Redevelopment Project

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Construction and Development


ECS has been helping its clients to identify, understand and manage their environmental liabilities at former commercial and industrial properties for two decades. Understanding the actual environmental liability, and its financial implications, is central to the successful completion of an economically viable Brownfield redevelopment. 

Our Brownfields expertise has facilitated the successful revitalization of air force bases, industrial parks, neighborhood gas stations and dry cleaners. 

Our in-house assessment, drilling, asbestos/demolition, risk assessment and engineering expertise enables ECS to provide our clients with timely and cost-effective Brownfields support services. Often, our regulatory experts utilize their licensed authority under state Voluntary Clean-up Programs (VCP) to implement risk-based Remedial Actions Plans that are designed specific to the planned site development. In addition to our technical and regulatory experts, ECS’ unique Brownfields team includes specialists who identify and access cost recovery and risk management mechanisms that encourage the redevelopment of Brownfields. Together, this team works cooperatively with municipalities, potentially responsible parties, and developers to create a real estate transfer structure that facilitates an equitable, sustainable, and economically viable redevelopment.

Our Brownfields redevelopment support experience includes: 

  • Identification and acquisition of municipal, state and federal Brownfields tax incentives
  • Identification and acquisition of Brownfields grant and predevelopment loans
  • Identification and acquisition of environmental insurance policies, covenants not to sue and other Risk Management Tools
  • Design and implementation of comprehensive environmental assessments
  • EPA Brownfield Assessment Demonstrations, in compliance with EPA Quality Assurance Project Plan guidance and state VCP regulations
  • Completion of building demolition surveys, including asbestos and lead paint abatement specification preparation
  • Preparation and implementation of VCP Remedial Action Plans
  • Filing of VCP site closure certifications
  • Recovery of costs using environmental forensics and insurance archaeology

Construction Engineering Support

Over the past several years, ECS has supported decommissioning and demolition activities at large and complex former industrial sites. Our construction and demolition field support services include:

  • Building abatement/decontamination
  • Demolition waste management
  • Underground storage tank and contaminated soil removal
  • Sedimentation and erosion control
  • Stormwater and contaminated dewatering wastewater discharge permits
  • Dewatering wastewater treatment system operation

In addition to front-end characterization of environmental site concerns, we have completed internal waste audits of existing structures and equipment to identify asbestos, PCBs, metals, and other contaminants of concern. ECS engineering support services incorporate comprehensive site characterization, remedial plan preparation, asbestos abatement, sludge lagoon closure, and remediation activities.

Our construction oversight services include the inspection and documentation of remediation and construction progress, characterization of contaminated media, determination of contaminant management options, implementation of required sampling programs, and assurance that all work is performed in accordance with contractual and regulatory requirements. Environmental issues can have dramatic negative effects on construction scheduling if not handled in an aggressive manner. To ensure that projects stay on time and on budget, ECS’s construction/demolition support staff routinely use the latest equipment and innovative technologies for efficient field-level environmental media characterization.

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