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quotesECS is committed to helping companies become eligible and remain eligible for funds through our UST compliance management program.quote-3

Bill Alpine, Corporate Counsel

Cost Recovery

ECS has recovered over $50,000,000 in cleanup costs from various state cleanup funds.

ECS employs a staff diverse in the many facets of state reimbursement cleanup fund regulations.  With a staff that possesses such an expansive knowledge base, we are able to maximize our clients’ rate of return our on their reimbursement filings. Our reimbursement staff continuously works with our in-house technical experts throughout the life of the cleanup process to ensure that all possible costs are fund eligible. Our reimbursement staff routinely participates in state reimbursement cleanup fund work groups. Our participation assists tremendously with our abilities in advocating our clients’ interests relative to regulatory initiatives and policy development. 

ECS maximizes our level of efficiency by maintaining a state-of-the-art claims preparation and tracking software system. Many state funds render reimbursement approvals based on a client’s adherence to underground storage tank regulatory compliance.  To that end, ECS also offers a value added underground storage tank compliance management program to ensure that our clients suffer no unexpected reimbursement consequences. 

Because we employ such a specialized workforce, ECS also has the unique ability to assist its clients with dealing with the highly complicated technical, legal and financial issues associated with buying or selling facilities impacted by contamination.

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