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quotesThank you again with all of your help. Appreciated your assistance offered in the field and willingness to take on the challenge posed by the less than ideal field conditions.quote-3

Scott Campbell, Massachusetts Department of Conservation

Landfill Inspection, Assessment, Closure Design, Monitoring & Permitting

ECS is experienced in all areas of landfill assessment, engineering, and management.  Our professionals have conducted environmental assessments of landfills ranging from preliminary assessments to comprehensive hydrogeologic investigations. Our experience includes:

  • Property use and historical records review
  • Landfill content and areal footprint assessment
  • Assessment and post-closure monitoring including gas migration, groundwater, stormwater, surface water and leachate
  • The evaluation of landfill gases and their potential for off-site migration
  • Odor response management in support of site permitting requirements
  • The use of geophysical methods to characterize subsurface conditions
  • Risk characterization
  • Landfill and transfer station operational and closure permitting including the development of operational plans required for health and waste stream management
  • Preparation of corrective action design plans for capping and stormwater control
  • Construction management
  • Permit-required inspections including alternative post-closure uses (solar arrays).
  • Training related to health and safety, and site operations 

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