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Environmental issues, especially with respect to responsibility, are often the cornerstone to any successful property transaction.  ECS has an in-house team of engineers, scientists and former state regulators to guide our clients through the myriad of issues that have the potential to complicate the process necessary to close an agreement.

For example, a client has decided to purchase a gas station based on its high volume of petroleum sales and lucrative automotive repair service capabilities. The client has hired a real estate attorney but that individual is not fluent in providing counsel on the various environmental regulations that may play a role in the future success of the business.  The client may also be unfamiliar with his or her responsibilities for ongoing and future remediation costs as well as the specific regulatory nuances that may affect the future success of its business.  

ECS, through its team of experts, is able to provide guidance to the client and their attorney with developing the terms of the purchase and sale agreement which best address the client’s needs and expectations.  

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